Creeping Sharia

That’s in NJ and NY alone. Readers should note that Abed Awad was a co-worker of Chris Christie’s Muslim superior court judge nominee, he is a terrorist-defending lawyer and has a website promoting SHARIA IN AMERICA! In this piece pimped by so-called news outlets across the U.S., Abed Awad pushes for sharia law in courts.


via Shariah or not, Muslim divorces can get tricky – The Washington Post.

New Jersey lawyer Abed Awad has been involved with more than 100 cases that involved some component of Shariah, or Islamic law, and knows firsthand how complicated things can get.

In one of those cases, a woman claimed she was married to a man according to Islamic law in her native west Africa. The man asserted there was no valid marriage, leaving a judge to decide whether the two were ever legally married in the first place.

If the…

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