Now isn’t that a touching image?

A recent hesba case against Yousef Ziedan’s “Arabic Booker”-winning Azazeel apparently has brought together book banners from both Christian and Muslim camps. According to the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) , “Christian  lawyers have joined the neo actio popularis team in Egypt and demanded a five year imprisonment for Youssef Zeidan.”

This is soon after the same team was seeking to jail the venerable and talented Gamal al-Ghitani, among others, and ban A Thousand and One Nights.

For those unfamiliar with hesba, this is from The Guardian:

Hesba is a long-established (and originally honourable) principle in Islamic jurisprudence. In the words of the Egyptian scholar, Gamal al-Banna, it was “used to promote the good and criticise the bad. Every individual in an Islamic society is responsible for the actions of the society”.

More recently, though, it has begun to have…

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