The Inquilab, New Delhi
Date: 26.06.2012
Writer: Meena Menon
According to a report released by TaTa Institute of Social Sciences about 36% of inmates languishing in various Maharashtra prisons are Muslims. The TISS team intervewed 339 Muslim prisoners, aged between 18 and 29, lodged in the 15 Maharashtra prisons.
But how the prisoners are discriminated in the prison is not mentioned in the article. What i gather from the article is that most of the prisoners have been booked under various section of Indian Penal code and few of them under the draconian MPOCA which is responsible for breaking the back bones of criminal gangs forcing them to take to their heels and Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act.
The articles seems to have been tailored to satisfy the victim psychology of Muslim readers. True falsehood is self contradictory.